Flower animation workshop

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The 30 of April, 12 pm

In a month the mothers Day!
Each old child will present mother with fresh flowers, and a small one will draw them.
And let's try together to create a short animated movie as a gift. Or you can create your own. And as a material to use flowers.
From the flowers and your imagination can turn out something unexpectedly bright and unusual  - a firebird, a goldfish, a watch, a parachute ...
But the main thing in this story it's a story, what the cartoon will be about.

Last summer the visitors of the shopping center tried to create a flower animation. You can argue about the result, but the process was fascinating and
fragrant with floral scents!

We are waiting for adults and children 6+
Duration: 2 hours
Cost: 15 euros / participant or 25 euros = child + adult
Parking: 3h free
Registration: creativespace.ee

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