Two-day workshop “Publish yourself. Children stories in pictures”.

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18 and 19 February 11 a.m.


My name is Giulia Landonio.
On 18th and 19th of February at 11am Creative Space invite kids to the my two-day workshop “Publish yourself. Children stories in pictures”.

I was born in Trezzano, suburban area of Milan. I always thought I was born there in order to leave it. And so I did: I went to Estonia and from there visited Russia in search of the Russian soul and Siberian shamans. I found dull lands, monotonous towns and uncanny suburban landscapes. I found home.

Drawing is for me a way to linger in the space of the “in between”. Lines: thick, curvy, broken, sensual, chaotic – the material evidence of this space. Animals, old people, fishes, trees and blue – the inhabitants of this space.

I studied sociology at the University of Tartu and later illustration at the Tartu Art school. Currently I am enrolled in the Master program in printmaking at the Estonian Art Academy of Tallinn, where I am exploring engraving techniques and contemporary art approaches.

The aim of this workshop is the creation of a silent book,
a book whose story is narrated only through images.
Process of making and “reading” silent books stimulates children’s visual imagination and ability to compose stories.

Participant’s age: 6+
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